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FreeNAS 0.69RC1 released

November 8th, 2008

FreeNAS 0.69RC1, code name Salusa Secundus has been released. It can be downloaded from here .

In case you didn't know (and I didn't): Salusa Secundus is a fictional planet appearing in Frank Herbert's Dune universe. With its harsh conditions Salusa is used as the Imperial Prison Planet and is one of two planets on which shigawire is grown.

Please note, because of the many new features that have been added to FreeNAS, the size of the image file has increased and it is not possible to upgrade to the latest 0.69b4 from previous installations (< 0.69b4) if you have chosen the embedded OS/DATA installation mode. In this case you have to backup your data from the DATA partition and do a fresh installation. Majors changes:
– Modify password handling for user 'admin'. Because of that the password will be set back to the default which is 'freenas'.

– Add quixplorer 2.3.1 to administrate file system via web browser. It is accessible via or WebGUI 'Advanced|File Manager'. Administrator can login via user 'admin' and the WebGUI password. Local system users have access to /mnt only.

– Replace PHPMailer with msmtp SMTP mail client.

– Add UPS email notification.

– Upgrade lighttpd to 1.4.20.

– Upgrade e2fsprogs to 1.41.3.

– Upgrade Adaptec AACRAID 32/64-bit driver to v5.2.0 Build 15753.

– Upgrade arcconf to 5.30.17509.

– Upgrade scponly to 4.8.

Minors changes:
– Add misc NOTIFYFLAG options to upsmon configuration to make logging more communicative.

– Add 'Auxiliary parameters' option to DynamicDNS WebGUI page to allow adding additional parameters to the configuration file for customization (FR 2149626).

– Add 'MOTD' option to 'System|Advanced' to set the system message of the day. This is displayed when login in via SSH for example.

– Add /sbin/clri command to clear an inode by hand if fsck fails (FR 2177277).

– Run transmission daemon as user 'transmission' (FR 2129517).

– Add combobox to select email authentication method on 'System|Advanced|Email'.

– Add combobox to set cnidscheme for AFP shares (FR 2212374).

– Create user home directory if an alternative one is set (FR 2214123).

– Add 'Download' button on 'Diagnostics|Logs' pages to download log files (FR 2221603).

– Refactor /etc/rc.d/routing script.

– Traffic graph color change for viewability (BR 2223207).

Bug fixes:
– Check entered path for iSCSI target extents before storing configuration (BR 2144966).

– Allow line breaks in RSYNC message of the day. Due this fix you have to update your MOTD.

– Fixed bug in S.M.A.R.T WebGUI. The 'Test email' checkbox was not enabled/disabled correct.

– Fix bug in NetBIOS name validation code (BR 2163358).

Permanent restrictions:
– It is not possible to format a SoftRAID disk with MSDOS FAT16/32.

– It is not possible to encrypt a disk partition, only complete disks are supported.

– It is not possible to get seperate CPU stats per processor on SMP machines because FreeBSD does not support that feature.

– Enable 'polling' on interfaces used by a LAGG interface will make it inoperable.

Known bugs:
– If DHCP for IPv4 is used, the IPv6 statically configured DNS server will be overriden by the IPv4 DNS server.


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