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Ramblings on FreeNAS, ZFS, Expandability and RAID 5

April 12th, 2009

Glen of (Glen’s Weblog) has written a couple of posts about using FreeNAS with ZFS.

The first post Geeking out big time with ZFS and FreeNAS looks at how Glen is using ZFS on the 0.7 nightly build.

From this first post Glen has some important points about ZFS. “Make sure that you do the format part with each drive you are going to use in your ZFS vdev. If you don’t I’ve found that they come up with some GPT errors which I couldn’t fix without doing the ZFS format. Disks|Format (choose the Disk) then in the File System drop down box be sure to select ZFS storage pool device. Then you will end up with a nice clean ZFS system…”

The second post Thoughts on using FreeNAS and ZFS – Expandability looks at a setup to use FreeNAS and ZFS so you can have a safety net of using RAID 5 or 6 under ZFS and expand ability for the future.

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