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FreeNAS, Transmission and Windows Remote Client

April 16th, 2009

Thomas McCarthy has written about his expericences with Transmission and FreeNAS on his blog Casa Del Tom.

Tom has set up FreeNAS, at the lab where he works, for deploying images for the lab workstations amoung other non-sensitive data.

He is also using BitTorrent and Transmission on FreeNAS. Using this setup, downloading the latest version of Ubuntu or OpenOffice is now as simple as dropping the .torrent file in to shared directory and letting FreeNAS take care of the rest.

As the majority of the lab workstations use Windows Tom has installed transmission-remote-dotnet a Window client for Transmission. He reports that “I installed it, configured it to connect to the FreeNAS server and now have it running without any issues on a test machine.”

Read more here: Casa Del Tom: FreeNAS – Transmission and Windows Remote Client

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