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1TB System + Data Limitation Workaround

May 5th, 2009

There is an issue with the FreeNAS install script that prevents you from seeing more than 1TB of your drive when you install FreeNAS on the hard disk that you are using for data (i.e. when you partition the disk in two where partition 1 is for the system and the rest of the disk is for the data).

You can find discussions on this here and here (note you need to be logged into SourceForge to read this second one).

The basic scenario goes like this. You have a 1.5TB drive and it is the only drive in your machine. You boot FreeNAS and use something like option 3 to do a full installation with swap, but when you add the disk (from the WebGUI) only 1TB is recognised.

The solution is to boot the FreeNAS server from a different disk than the 1TB+ disk.

FreeNAS can boot from:

  • CD and use a flash drive for the configuration data.
  • From a flash drive (boot from the CD and then install to the flash drive).
  • From a smaller old hard disk (even an ancient 300MB HD will do).

If you boot from another disk then the full disk space will be available for storing data.

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  1. Bill
    March 11th, 2011 at 17:06 | #1

    Could you not install freenas on 1tb drive then clone that disk and restore to a larger disk? Would that work?

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