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FreeNAS + MediaWiki Match Made In Heaven

June 24th, 2009

There is a new post on the EJES Consulting blog about using MediaWiki with FreeNAS…

Seeing Network Attached Storage as a must and providing accessibility to all your information in a central place (from PCs to Media Centers) EJES Consulting recommends FreeNAS.

“FreeNAS, out of the box, came with all the functionality I needed.  Web server, Bitttorrent, CIFS stack and NFS.  As well as a bunch I don’t use (yet). Configuration was a breeze, just boot from CD, and ta-da it worked beautifully.”

EJES started doing a bit of development on the web-server portion of FreeNAS. It runs a full blown lighthttp server, with a tiny SQLite backend. This means that MediaWiki can actually work on this tiny embedded platform.

Unfortunately EJES didn’t write a tutorial yet… But the post does say “If there is enough interest, I’ll post a tutorial for setting up FreeNAS, and the MediaWiki.”

So please head over there and leave a comment as this would be useful tutorial.

EJES Consulting is a private consulting firm specialising in all apsects of information technology from electronic design, application development though to implmentation, support and beyond.

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