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FreeNAS with ESX via NFS or iSCSI with a dash of RAID 1

June 3rd, 2009 Comments off

Tony DiMaggio has written a post about using FreeNAS with VMWare’s ESX (and ESXi) server. Tony runs a ESX lab at his home and until now he used his Mac to server NFS storage to the virtualization server. But he wanted something different and so he looked at FreeNAS.

Tony gives a full guide, including screenshots, to:

  • Configuring RAID 1 with FreeNAS
  • Configuring NFS on FreeNAS for using with ESX
  • Using iSCSI on FreeNAS with ESX

You don’t need to be using ESX to see what Tony is doing here, anyone needing RAID 1, NFS or iSCSI access to their FreeNAS server should have a look at this post.

Read more here: FreeNAS and ESX – – Tony’s own little slice of the internet…

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