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Growing Mirrored and Encrypted Partitions in FreeNAS

November 6th, 2009

Alexander Kojevnikov has set up a FreeNAS server using RAID 1 (AKA mirroring) and encryption. But is asking himself the question what if, in the future, I want to upgrade the drives with larger ones?

A common scenario with RAID 1 is to replace one of the disks with the bigger one, rebuild the mirror then replace the other one and rebuild it again. In theory it sounds like an easy process that will keep all your data intact. In practice however it’s not,

Alex has found a post by Mike Oliver called FreeNAS 0.7.3953, RAID 1, growfs… oh my! explaining how to do this under FreeNAS.

However if you add encryption it is a little more complicated… Thankfully Alex’s post as the procedure needed!

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