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FreeNAS 0.69b4 is out the door

October 1st, 2008

FreeNAS 0.69b4 has been released. This version upgrades FreeBSD (the underlying OS) to 6.4.

Please note, because of the many new features that have been added to FreeNAS, the size of the image file has increased and it is not possible to upgrade to the latest 0.69b4 from previous installations if you have chosen the embedded OS/DATA installation mode. In this case you have to backup your data from the DATA partition and do a fresh installation.

It isn't yet clear if this also includes upgrades from 0.69b3

Download FreeNAS 0.69b4

Majors changes:
* Upgrade to FreeBSD 6.4.
* Upgrade rsync to 3.0.4.
* Upgrade PHPMailer to 2.2.1.
* Upgrade Transmission to 1.34.

Minors changes:
* Add new attribute 'Temporary directory' to UPnP WebGUI to define a directory used to store temporary transcoded files.
* Modify /etc/rc.d/samba script.
* Add 'Who' combobox to RSYNC client/local jobs to select user which is used to execute this job.
* Add 'Enable' checkbox to RSYNC client/local jobs to enable/disable them (FR 2123243).
* Add hw.ata.to=15 to sysctrl to prevent 'TIMEOUT – WRITE_DMA' errors, e.g. when using APM for harddrives (FR 2101811).

Bug fixes:
* Fix bug in zoneinfo port.
* Remove Samba –with-utmp build parameter. It causes a crash when accessing shares (BR 2118240).
* Fix bug in Samba Makefile which causes various problems, e.g. it was not possible to join an AD domain.

Permanent restrictions:
* It is not possible to format a SoftRAID disk with MSDOS FAT16/32.
* It is not possible to encrypt a disk partition, only complete disks are supported.
* It is not possible to get seperate CPU stats per processor on SMP machines because FreeBSD does not support that feature.
* Enable 'polling' on interfaces used by a LAGG interface will make it inoperable.

Known bugs:
* If DHCP for IPv4 is used, the IPv6 statically configured DNS server will be override by the IPv4 DNS server.

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