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FreeNAS vs. Windows Home Server (Part 2)

May 28th, 2009

Recently TechBustr posted the first of a two part review of FreeNAS vs. Windows Home Server. Now the second part of the review, this time focusing on Windows Home Server is online.

After describing the installation processes and the various test conducted, TechBustr concludes that for him WHS is the better choice, but makes the following observations in favour of FreeNAS:

  • FreeNAS supports AFP and a host of other sharing protocols and WHS does not.
  • FreeNAS is a great product with a few drawbacks but the price is right (i.e. Free and Open Source).

TechBustr also goes on to mention that “The biggest plus for WHS is the drive pool and how it is managed.” Which is a feature which is available in FreeNAS 0.7 (but it is still in the testing/development phase).

Read more here: techbustr: FreeNAS vs. Windows Home Server (Part 2)

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