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FreeNAS and iSCSI – When a Local Disk is Not Local

August 26th, 2009

‘frrl’ has written a tutorial about FreeNAS and iSCSI. In case you don’t know iSCSI (Internet SCSI) is an evolution of the SCSI protocol, which allows SCSI commands to be sent over a network. It allows two hosts to negotiate and then exchange SCSI commands using IP networks. The result is that a remote device with iSCSI capabilities can be seen to be a local disk drive but the commands and data for that device are being sent over the network rather than down a cable in the machine.

In iSCSI clients (called initiators) are able to send SCSI commands to SCSI storage devices (targets) on remote servers. FreeNAS can act as an iSCSI initiator or and iSCSI target.

The tutorial covers:

What can iSCSI do for you?
Why SAN?
FreeNAS and iSCSI

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