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FreeNAS 8.0.4 Released

February 29th, 2012 Comments off

FreeNAS 8.0.4 (and its multimedia variant) has been released. This is a maintenance and bug fix release which upgrades to Samba 3.6.3 to resolve several bugs (both security and non-security related).

The changes include:

  • Update samba to 3.6.3 to resolve several bugs (both security and non-security related) (SF r10127).
  • Update transmission to 2.42 (SF r10093).
  • Update firefly to 1696_6 for iTunes 10.5.2+ compatibility.
  • Add MegaCLI tool (SF r10072, r10073).
  • Add rsync+SSH functionality (FN # 990).
  • Catch ZFS snapshot errors when snapshots are done via the GUI instead of failing silently (SF r10152).
  • Work around interoperability issues with user / group population in the GUI by failing silently in certain cases if AD/LDAP users cannot be retrieved (SF r10140).
  • Fix case where local and remote paths passed to rsync in Rsync tasks weren’t quoted, so paths with spaces in them would not work (FN 1285).
  • Disable periodic tasks in the base system that would negatively impact system performance on NAS boxes with large directory structures (SF r10113).
  • Fix handling for ‘every day’ SMART tasks created in the GUI (SF r10088).
  • Add in several robustness fixes to reduce potential for filesystem corruption on root / boot device. In some scenarios this would also improve performance when fetching data from the root device as well (SF r10095, r10109, r10129).
  • Fix vfs objects modules ordering so shadow copy (aka previous versions) support functions again (FN 935, FN 1186, FN 1275).
  • Network field from iSCSI initiator could contain multiple IP addresses, CIDR addresses, or ANY keyword (SF r10082).
  • Generate istgt.conf properly if and when multiple initiators were specified (SF r10081).
  • Automatically create AD/LDAP user home directories (FN # 1203).
  • Restrict portal input in the GUI to prevent scenarios where incorrect input would prevent iSCSI from starting (FN # 1231).
  • Fix disks / partition parsing when importing volumes (FN # 1202).
  • Restrict users from creating cronjobs / rsync tasks with long usernames (FN # 1061).
  • Escape samba AD/LDAP passwords (FN # 1225).
  • Ensure guest accounts are disabled if checked (SF r8276).

Note: Builds prior to 8.0.3-RELEASE with ‘CIFS’ didn’t actually have AIO (asynchronous I/O) enabled. So, if you experience performance degradation after upgrading from prior versions of FreeNAS to 8.0.3-RELEASE or newer, turn off AIO or tune the AIO size from ‘1’ to something more reasonable (the new default in 8.0.3-RELEASE-p1 is 4096 or 4kB).

FreeNAS 8.0.4 is available to download from

FreeNAS 8.0.4 Multimedia has also been released. This is a sneak preview of the multimedia support that will be available in FreeNAS 8.2.0.

At the moment the applications are not tied into the GUI. You will need to configure them on the CLI as described here:

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